Boko Haram burned children alive in recent attack, survivors claim

Survivors said that radical Islamist group Boko Haram burned people, mostly children, alive in an assault in Nigeria.

The attacks happened in the the village of Dalori in Nigeria’s northeast, and two nearby camps where housing over 25,000 refugees,

In an interview by the Associated Press, a survivor said that the group firebombed huts in the village, and that he heard screams of children burning to death.

The attacks–shooting, burning, explosions–took place in the unprotected areas, as well as neighboring villages. Three female suicide bombers reportedly blew themselves up at some point.

According to Colonel Mustapha Anka, spokesperson for the army, the attackers arrived in cars and motorcycles and then opened fire. The three suicide bombers “were intercepted, then blew themselves up,” he added.

Nigeria’s National Emergency Management has confirmed that that 86 charred, bullet-ridden bodies were collected by Sunday afternoon. There were also dozens of survivors who needed to be treated for severe burns.

“We were seated outside our home shortly after the Isha prayer when we heard gunshots and within a few minutes the invaders had arrived,” said survivor Malam Masa Dalori, a community leader. “They came in Golf saloon cars and began to shoot sporadically. Many people ran to the bush including myself. When we came back in the morning the entire community had been razed. At least 50 people were killed, and there are many people wounded.”

According to unconfirmed reports, government troops arrived at the scene could not overpower the militants at first. The militants only retreated when the troops arrived with more weapons.

Boko Haram, who has pledged allegiance to ISIS, has killed about 20,000 people and driven 2.5 million people from their homes in six years.