Paris attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam handed over to France

Salah Abdeslam, one of the key suspects of the Paris attacks, has recently been handed over to French authorities.

Abdeslam, 26, was arrested in Brussels on March 18th after escaping authorities since the November 13 attacks, which killed 130 people. This came just a few days days before another attack at the Brussels International Airport, which killed 32 and injured hundreds.

Abdeslam was transferred to the high security prison Fleury-Merogis 19 miles south of Paris.

According to the French prosecutor’s office, he is expected to face investigative judges later this week for eventual charges.

It was the Islamic State who claimed responsibility for the November 13 attacks at the Bataclan music hall and Paris restaurants, and investigators say that Abdeslam was instrumental in arranging the logistics for it.

A father of one of the victims killed at the Bataclan concert said that Abdeslam’s transfer is significant to the victims. “Up to this point, he is the key actor of the Nov. 13 attacks to be behind bars,” he said, as quoted by the Chicago Tribune. “I would like to look him in the eye. If I could even talk to him, it would be important to me.”

According to attorney Frank Berton, Abdeslam is willing to cooperate with the investigations, adding that he “volunteered that he would explain himself at some later date.”

Mr Berton added that his client is “falling apart because of the drama that unfolded in France.”

Sven Mary, Mr Abdeslam’s Belgian lawyer was recently quoted as saying that his client has the “intelligence of an empty ashtray.”